Call For NFFPC Wildfire Prevention Award Nominations 2021

Published on October 21, 2021 at 2:50 PM by Carl Parent

The Prevention and Education Working Team (PEWT) is again soliciting nominations for the annual Wildfire Prevention Award. This award is typically announced and distributed to the recipient at the NFFPC Winter Awareness Meeting. The purpose of the Northeastern Forest Fire Protection Commission (NFFPC) Wildfire Prevention Award is to honor an individual, group, or media organization that exemplifies the philosophy of fire prevention.

Please review the award criteria below, and distribute the information within your organization. Please forward nominations (including a short narrative) by December 15, 2021 to both the PEWT Vice chair, Doug Miner ( and PEWT Chair, Ethan Ready (

The PEWT will meet as a group to vet and review all nominations and forward the team’s recommendations to the Operations Committee for confirmation.

Award Criteria

Each nominee is judged on the following criteria:

Nominee has made a major contribution or has played a key role in a significant accomplishment in the field of fire prevention.

Nominee has demonstrated innovation in establishing and enacting goals and/or obtaining funding for the protection of the public through continuous dedication to fire prevention, fire protection, or life safety programs in their communities.

Nominee has demonstrated success in the area of fire prevention. This may include:

  • Number of people reached.
  • Demonstrated reduction in loss of life and/or property and/or forest.
  • Impact on legislation resulting in increased fire safety and prevention.